Jordan McConnell takes us through writing and singing a song.

Yandou shouted and said, “Haven’t you heard it said that what comes in through the front gate is not the family jewels?” Xuefeng said, “Then what should I do?”

Dou said, “In the future, allow the great teaching to flow point by point from your own breast, to come out and cover heaven and earth.” At these words, Feng was greatly awakened, exclaiming over and over, “Today on Tortoise Mountain I have achieved the Way!”

~ The Blue Cliff Record, Case 22, commentary

Jordan sees the creative process of developing a song ~ finding the words and melody ~ as very much like working with a koan. Where do songs come from? We can’t know the answer to that, says Jordan, but we know there is music inside each of us. And somehow, we allow it to flow from our own breast and cover heaven and earth. Koans are like that. 

Join us on Monday while we explore the song that lives in our own hearts. Together, we will put that song to words and music. 

Maralung’s master songman added:, “The song was in the ghost language so humans could sing it but only spirits could understand it.”

~ Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koan