Ducks Say It Upside-Down

It is nice to occasionally experience the universe as incredibly silly, to see the world as a vast field of play. In even the most dire of circumstances, at times we can taste a quality of suchness and light, one that existed before we attached the definitions “pain” and “struggle.”

Hazy Moon of Enlightenment

The “hazy moon of enlightenment” was one name the ancients had for awakening: the light of the moon is always shining, even through the clouds and the dust.

Does a Robot Dog Have Buddha Nature?

A Zen monk living in Vermont hopes the AI community can “embed the enlightenment of the Buddha into code. Creating AI with a spiritual path is perhaps the most important act of all time.”

(from an article about Steve Forall)

The Asking: A Visit with Poet & Spokesperson for the Biosphere Jane Hirshfield

“Central to Hirshfield’s vision is a kind of holy delight that is at the heart of riddles and koans.”

—American Poet Lisa Russ Spaar

The Asking: Writings from Jane Hirshfield

“A poem is a field of discovery. It is not the record of something I already know. It is the record of exploration for alchemical transformation or for a pot a rice. The cooking pot is us.”

—Jane Hirshfield

Our Improbable & Singular Caffe Latte Life

The infinite space and micro-rhythms of our lives meet here, in the ordinary cup of caffé latte, matcha green tea, and kombucha (an acquired taste for me). The linked bits, the all of them, are like a river to be appreciated, appreciated, appreciated moment by moment. 

A Simple Gift

In his classic work, The Gift; How the Creative Spirit Transforms the World, Lewis Hyde posits the qualities of a true gift: It is not one gained through effort, it is artistic and mysterious in nature, and it only realizes its greatest value if freely passed on to others. Think music, art, and poetry.

Stone Woman Dreaming with Guest Host Jordan McConnell

“Last week we visited five dreams the Buddha had before his great enlightenment. These dreams got me deeply considering my own dreamworld.”

—Jordan McConnell

Our Dreams Are Buddha’s Dreams

Before his great awakening, the Buddha had five dreams. Those dreams are our dreams.

The Zen of Therapy – A Visit with Author & Psychiatrist Mark Epstein, MD

“To work something through means to change one’s view; if we try instead to change the emotion, we may achieve some short-term success, but we remain bound by forces of attachment and aversion to the very feelings from which we are struggling to be free.”

(Mark Epstein)