Singing Ghost Stories

Two years after the attack on the World Trade Center, I was transferred by my company to New York to help run its financial research department. As part of the move, the company put us up in corporate housing for a bit, which turned out to be only a block south of Ground Zero (the cheapest real estate in Manhattan at the time).

When we first visited the apartment, I opened the door for my wife and two little girls. Rose, who was five at the time, immediately ran across the living room, wrapped herself in a sheer curtain, and said, “Look Daddy, I’m a ghost!” Later, when we put them to bed, we had to shut the curtains because the construction lights in the pit, which by then was clean of debris pile, were too bright.

Not For Anything Else

“I do not want it this way,” my friend E. recalled saying to himself as he woke up sick, once again. The day before, a few weeks ago, had been a good day, he remembered, one full of light. For some years, E. has suffered from Meniere’s Disease, a condition of the inner ear which causes severe vertigo, nausea, migraine headaches, and vomiting. It comes and goes without warning.

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