A Primer for Forgetting: A Visit with Lewis Hyde

Born into this life, those who seek to recover their lost wisdom need to find a teacher whose task is not to directly teach ideals but rather to remind the student of what the soul already knows.

(Lewis Hyde)

The Trickster’s Gift: The Work of Lewis Hyde

The point of the trickster is to get trade going, to get liveliness and flow going … the coyote loves to steal things, likes bright things, but there is a playfulness about it. It is about play … about keeping the cosmos alive and lively.

(Lewis Hyde)

Something Good: A Passionate Teacher Remembered

This morning we completed our winter sesshin, and it is said that while in retreat every possible emotion will show itself over the course of those six or seven days. That the heart-mind naturally comes forth in all its variations is the very basis of our inquiry work.

The Zen Legacy of Koun Yamada: A Visit with Ruben Habito

What is the legacy of any teacher? A pebble dropped in a pond, and rings ripple outward through the universe. A flower twirled in the hand, and a knowing is shared beyond words, infinitely from one generation to the next. 

The Legacy of Koun Yamada (Part 3) ~ Zen Is Not Buddhist

Yamada did not see kensho as a strictly Buddhist awakening, and welcomed dozens of Christian clerics who came to study with him. He saw Zen as a practice that could be embraced by people of any faith.

The Legacy of Koun Yamada (Part 2) ~ Practice Another 30 Years

As much as he stressed kensho, Yamada urged the long practice of integrating awakening into our lives. This process, even for those with decades of experience, is endless.

The Legacy of Koun Yamada (Part 1) ~ The Great Joy of My Second Kensho

It is hard to understate the centrality of Yamada’s awakening experience in his students’ motivations to practice and our respect for him as a teacher. I never once heard Yamada mention it. But his bearing and great confidence were themselves proof.

The Source of Song: A Visit with Jordan McConnell

Where do songs come from? We can’t know the answer to that, but we know there is music inside each of us. And somehow, we allow it to flow from our own breast and cover heaven and earth.

(Jordan McConnell)

Wild Mind, Wild Earth: A Visit with David Hinton

We love this world, this living planet: we feel joy when life thrives, grief when it suffers and dies. It is a mystery. We are much more than what we think we are, and that is liberation of astounding proportions.

(David Hinton)

Egyptian Wife: Guide and Healer in the Underworld

It has only been In the last couple of years that I have followed my dreams as part of my meditation practice. Inviting my dream world into my practice world, I look less for self-knowledge than for affirmation of the deep undercurrents of my psyche, flows, for all of us, within the vast river we call the Way.