Fire Across the River: A Zen Panel on Pain

Put out the fire across the river. ~ A Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koan In the […]

All Our Mistakes are Masterpieces

How does my hand compare to the Buddha’s hand?Playing guitar in the moonlight. ~ Huanlong’s […]

Unmask: Re-entering the Samadhi of Life

The Ten Oxherding Pictures, Number 10: Entering the Marketplace, Hands Extended Preface:Behind a brushwood gate, […]

Returning to the Source

Preface: In the fundamental purity, not a single mote of dust can land. Witnessing the […]

Both Self and Ox Forgotten

Shedding all worldly feelings and erasing all holy thoughts,You do not linger where the Buddha […]

Without Devices

Pictures four and five represent further meditation practice after stage two, Seeing the Tracks, and three, Seeing the Ox.

Dragons Moving, Oxen Moving

The battle is over, and the time for loss or gain passed. She plays a […]

When Yes! Is the All of It

To advance from where you can no longer advance and to do what can no longer be done, you must make yourself into a raft or ferryboat for ot

When the Wheels Come Off

The teacher asked a monk, “The master cart-­maker made a hundred carts. If he took off both wheels and removed the axle, what would he ma…

Save the People

A student asked Zhaozhou, ‘‘’The greatest way is not difficult if you just don’t pick and choose. As soon as someone speaks, we think tha…