Found in Translation

A Conversation with Thomas Yuho Kirchner Someone asked, “What does ‘sitting correctly and contemplating true […]

Permission the Self

Elder Ding asked Linji, “What is the great meaning in Buddhism?”Linji came down from his […]

Singing Ghost Stories

“Save a ghost”~ Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koans Two years after the attack on the World […]

Fishing With A Straight Hook

“Basically, a straight hook seeks fish that turn away from life.”~The Book of Serenity, Case […]

Not For Anything Else

When Huangbo first met Baizhang, Baizhang said, “Magnificent! Imposing! Where have you come from?” Huangbo […]

The Art of Gleaning Your Life

Once in the course of their journey, Chinshan stopped to wash his feet in a […]

Temple of Words

A monk asked Dalong, “The physical body rots away: what is the hard and fast […]

Where Do Songs Come From?

In a place called Barunga, in the Australian outback, there was a singer named Maralung. […]

Just a Person With Nothing to Do

Just A Person With Nothing To Do “Followers of the Way, as I see it […]

Don’t Be Snobbish With Sounds

Mujaku was widowed at 32. She couldn’t get over her grief and became a nun. […]