PACIFIC ZEN INSTITUTE is directed by JOHN TARRANT ROSHI, a successor in the Yasutani-Yamada-Aitken line of lay Zen Buddhism.

Known for his innovative use of Zen koans as a path to awakening, Tarrant is also the author of Light Inside the Dark and Bring Me the Rhinocerosa and is a former Jungian psychotherapist. In addition to sponsoring retreats throughout the year, PZI holds weekly online meditation groups, classes, and events.

DESERT LOTUS SANGHA, in Chandler, Arizona, is directed by JON JOSEPH ROSHI.

ROCKRIDGE MEDITATION COMMUNITY, in Oakland, is directed by DAVID WEINSTEIN ROSHI and offers meditation, Zen koans and conversation on Wednesdays.

BLUEGRASS ZEN, centered in Waco, Kentucky, is directed by DAVID PARKS ROSHI, long-time a UCC minister in Santa Rosa, and now a Zen teacher and farmer in Kentucky. Bluegrass Zen meets on Thursdays.

CORAL MOON ZEN group is a Santa Barbara PZI affiliate directed by ALLISON ATWILL ROSHI, who is an artist and a teacher.

IT’S ALIVE! ZEN MEDITATION, formerly in San Antonio, Texas (Jesse is now based in Hawaii), is directed by JESSE CARDIN ROSHI.