Music and conversation with flautist and saxophonist Michael Wilding.

Play the iron flute with no holes.
~ Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koans

Michael worked for some years as a professional musician, touring clubs in London, Los Angeles, and all points in-between. For the last six years, Michael’s gift of his gorgeous saxophone and flute have been a mainstay to our retreats and meditations. 

“When I first played at retreat five years ago, it was a kind of experiment for me. People were in the zendo meditating, and I felt as if I were meditating with them. One note followed another. I would find a sequence of notes. It was very much like I was watching them arise. It was a lovely experience.”

“How do I play a flute with no holes? It is an impossible question that doesn’t need to be answered. In the beginning, I thought I needed to know what I wanted to achieve. Then, with Zen practice, i gave up the idea of knowing where i wanted to go. It became a big adventure. Exciting. Uncharted territory. Each step along the way was delightful because I didn’t know what i was going to find there.”

“If in a dream, I’m going somewhere, I may not know how to get there. But it’s not a problem. Not knowing the route is not a problem. We’re on a road to not knowing where.”

Art: Musical Offering, by Mayumi Oda, the Original Goddess!

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