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We are a welcoming sangha of folks from all walks of life ~ professionals, craft workers, students, and homemakers ~ who join together to create a culture of transformation.

The word “Zen” itself means meditation, and is at once immediate and ancient. We often drop into our sitting Zen koans, stories of our founders, that help us explore and find freedom.

San Mateo ~ Santa Rosa Zen Practice


​JON JOSEPH ROSHI will be leading MONDAY nights from 6~7:30pm for meditation, talk and tea via ZOOM. Click this button HERE:

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From our community:

“I have practiced Zen for many years and found the people at San Mateo Zen to be friendly and welcoming. Discussions of koans were inspiring. Thanks for a lovely time.”  ~ Polly C 

“The San Mateo Zen Community is a comfortable place to practice, open and supportive. Zen Roshi Jon Joseph is kind, understanding; he teaches immediacy.”  ~ Jeff S

“Thank you for this blog post JJ, I really love your teaching! “Laughter at the utter ridiculousness of worrying that even one thing in all the universe was out of place.” Yes, perfect! So good to be with you last weekend.  ~ Ellen F