PACIFIC ZEN INSTITUTE is directed by JOHN TARRANT ROSHI (right), a successor in the Yasutani-Yamada-Aitken line of lay Zen Buddhism. Known for his innovative use of ZEN KOANs as a path to enlightenment, Tarrant is also a widely published author (books: "Light Inside the Dark", "Bring Me the Rhinoceros") and a former Jungian psychotherapist. In addition to sponsoring longer retreats throughout the year, PZI holds weekly meditation groups, beginner classes, and art soirees. SANTA ROSA ZEN CENTER, the host site for many of these events, is directed by RACHEL BOUGHTON SENSEI (far right). The Center on the bank of Santa Rosa Creek, bordered by cottonwood trees and willows. Silver salmon and steelhead run up the creek in the fall, while racoons, turkeys and the occasional hobo watch.

ROCKRIDGE MEDITATION COMMUNITY, in Oakland, offers meditation, Zen koans, conversation and artistic events on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It is a quiet and inviting space located in Oakland near the Rockridge BART station. RMC is directed by DAVID WEINSTEIN ROSHI (right) and managed by STEVEN GRANT SENSEI, PZI Zen Teacher (far

DESERT LOTUS SANGHA, in Chandler, AZ is directed by DEB SAINT SENSEI (right). It supports a practice of exploration and discovery while holding each other in community: "To find what is in our hearts and to experience our lives as they are adds richness and clarity."

LONDON ZEN CENTRE, in London, ON is directed by RAYMOND GAUDRY SENSEI (right). LZC is a place to step into awakening and happiness. It is a place to be with others on the same path and explore what it's like to live an awakened life in today's culture and time.

WIND IN GRASS SANGHA, in the Potrero Hill district of San Francisco, holds meetings on Wednesday evenings to "find greater peace and happiness in our lives through the practice of Zen fundamentals." Director MICHAEL KALLUS (with Cecilia, far right) writes: "What you walk away with is flexible and rugged because it doesn't avoid problems, but transforms our relationship with previously unpleasant situations."

The CORAL MOON ZEN group is a Santa Barbara PZI affiliate directed by ALLISON ATWILL SENSEI (right), who is both and artist and a teacher.